New Painting Project: Malifaux Gremlins

It’s time to try to get regular gaming again.

It’s time to try to get regular painting again.

It’s time to try to get regular blogging again.

Let’s see how it goes! I’ve managed a couple more games of 2nd Edition Malifaux and it still delivers fun in buckets. But with all the fancy new plastic kits being released I’m envious of those coming new to the model range. So, rather than replace my metal Ressurrectionists I’ve decided to take on a new faction. And yes, they’ve been newly promoted to full faction status. It’s the Gremlins, hurrah.

I picked up the lovely new Bayou Boss box set giving me 8 models clocking in at around 30 Soulstones in value. That gives me a master (So’mer Teeth Jones), enforcer (Lenny), 2 totems (Skeeters) and 4 minions (Bayou Gremlins) which already feels like a lot of painting before I even start to think about pigs.

Mmmm, pigs.

Woah, stoppit.

So this is the start of a new project. And with new projects come opportunities to do things differently. First thing I want to do is document my progress to serve as motivation and document my lessons learnt in painting and gaming.

So here’s my plan – watch me abandon it within weeks!

1) Paint each purchase before buying more models.

2) Use Foldio and Pixelmator to document painting progress on this blog. Good opportunity to improve photography/digital art skills.

3) Type up brief battle reports on the blog capturing key moments of luck and also tactical cunning. Maybe.

Second thing is painting. I want to try something new there too. I’m so used to painting dark, brooding undead stuff. Blacks, dark reds, etc. Dude, these are hillbilly goblins! I want these guys to be bright and bold and almost cartoony. So, dammit, let’s try white undercoat and see if that brings out the zing. I don’t think I’ve used a white undercoat since painting Epic Blood Angels on snow bases (ie. I left them plain white) in 1997.

You know what, you’ve had the patience to read this far. Is there a reward? Well, sort of. Here’s an example of what you can expect from the painting side of the blog. It’s Lenny, hi Lenny.

Click to enlarge.

That’s one painted!


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