Gremlins Update 2 – Bayou Gremlins

Hoorah. Slow going, but I’ve completed two Bayou Gremlins. These were much harder than Lenny to paint and I’m really not as happy with them. The skin in particular feels much more messy to me. But, at least the models are flowing. That’s about 16 soulstones in value completed now.

2 more models done!

2 more models done!

There are elements on the models that I do think were successful. The bare knuckle fighter Gremlin has a jug of moonshine on a rope. I’m pleased that I’ve managed to capture the impression of the jug being half full. And on the gentleman Gremlin I was able to give the impression of the pipe being lit. Nice little quirks to the models.

I’ve also found that photographing the smaller models is much harder with my Foldio setup. The LED strip focuses light from above which creates significant shadowing over the model (particularly those with big hats). So you’ll also see that I found the editing job in Pixelmator much harder – for example, the auto selection tools struggled to pick the edge of the base out from the shadow on the background.

If any has some tips for photographing models in a Foldio setup then please let me know. I found the process so easy with Lenny that I was surprised to struggle this time.


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