Ghouls! Ghouls! Ghouls!

Hot jam. I’ve managed to make time to finish all four shaven Ghouls for the Undead Blood Bowl.

I’m not overly pleased with one of them, but I can live with that. My highlight might be the Ghoul drooling gore. I think he’ll end up taking the lead blitzer role and hopefully roll Mighty Blow – he just looks mean.

That means I’ve now painted three positions completely and I’m not convinced that I’ll need more than a single Skeleton at a time. So, I guess I just need to fill out the squad with Zombies now.

And maybe some star players.


Shaving a Ghoul

That’s over 50% done! I can now field half the players for an Undead Blood Bowl team – for one drive at least.

This weekend I painted the Skeleton and the team’s first Ghoul.


The Skeleton is the team’s designated fouler. So this a crewman model for the old Screaming Skull Catapult (from before the Undead forgot how to use it) is great as he is pointing out to the team’s muscle players who they should knock down for him to boot. Lovely.

I’ve struggled with models for Ghouls almost from day 1 of this project. I eventually bought, stuck and undercoated Mantic Ghouls but since doing so I like them less every time I see them. Spindly fingers and odd posture are, I think, my main issues. So, I looked again at the GW plastic Ghouls. Now, my Warhammer army never got more than a unit of 10 Ghouls because I’ve never liked the new models – the spiny growths and skin piercings left me cold. I wanted degenerate humans, not some new species of… something.

Simple solution then – shave a GW Ghoul. And I think I just might shave three more! Though, it’ll need careful selection of which sculpts are most conducive to shaving.


Wood Elf BSB

I bought the Dark Eldar Lelith Hesperax model on its release – in metal! I thought there was a Wood Elf conversion in there somewhere. Now I’ve done it.


I didn’t expect her to end up as my BSB though. I think it just about works.


Lovely model to paint and although there are a couple of artefacts of 40k detailing I couldn’t remove I don’t think a casual observer will spot them.