Flesh on Flesh Action

A few games into M2e and I’m loving McMourning’s play style. It’s great fun to fill an enemy with poison and Expunge the lot to trigger Abra Cadaver and boom… summon a Flesh Construct.

So, it follows that I need to get some constructs painted up!



Obviously they are a work in progress and I think I need to find a way to introduce some bolder colours. I’ll update when I’ve done all the wiring and detail work to finish these guys off.


Malifaux 2e

I had a small points outing with the refreshed Malifaux rules over the weekend. And jolly good fun it was too. So fun that I forced some painting in on Sunday.

I play Ressurrectionists. The villains of the piece who like playing with reanimated corpses. In Seamus’ case he likes it a lot.

Over first edition I drifted toward the straight forward damage output of Dr Douglas McMourning as my master of choice. So it seems right to pick up with McMourning in M2e.

I won’t get into the hordes of learning points from the game but, suffice to say, Sebastian died quickly. So I decided to paint him – painted models deserve more caution.