Bad Moon totem

Over the weekend I have painted a) the conservatory next door and b) a Bad Moon totem scenery piece. The plastic scenery piece that came back in with the 7th Edition Warhammer boxset has a Bad Moon effigy on top of an angry looking hollowed out tree.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable piece to paint. Despite having had it sitting around for a number of years I’d not appreciated the detail on the casting. The chained skeleton, the Troll skull above the read entrace, the mix of 6th Edition and smaller 7th Edition skull pieces were all revealed to me during the painting process.

I started with a brown undercoat for everything. From here I concentrated on the Bad Moon itself with foundation colours – Iyanden Darksun for the moon and Dheneb Stone for the bones and teeth and Boltgun Metal for the metal frame. This was all washed with a Coat d’Arms Dark Brown wash for depth. I then gave the moon a number of thin coats of Sunburst Yellow, focusing more and more on the highlight areas. When I was happy with the texture of the moon I filled the eyes and tongue with Scab Red and highlighted the bones.

The angry tree was my standard wood shortcut at the moment. Black wash over the brown undercoat and a P3 Beast Hide drybrush to highlight. The skull piles were treated as per the teeth and bones on the moon. Finally I worked back at gave all the mushrooms slightly off-white stalks, and blood red booms. White dots were added for that traditional Goblin fungus look and to brighten the whole piece up.

Now, the real question is how will this piece work in games? The new 8th Edition book gives us a few options for interesting effects however none quite fit to my mind. The Idol of Gork (or maybe Mork) sounds nice and Orcy, but is not appropriate as it’s clearly not invoking either Orc god (and I have an old cardboard piece from the Idol of Gork scenario pack that is perfect for this already). Maybe it could be a Wizard’s Tower? There’s a little door for a Goblin Shaman to enter and practise his magic. Maybe a Sinister Statue? I can easily imagine the Bad Moon totem swivelling and zapping anyone silly enough to go near.

What will it be? Well, my current favourite is to go beyond the rulebook and create my own rules for it.

The Bad Moon totem

Orc and Goblin psyche is complex in it’s simplicity. They live to fight. But who to fight? One moment they’re fighting humans and the next they’re fighting each other.

Any unit starting a turn within 6″ of the Bad Moon totem becomes subject to Orc and Goblin special rule: Animosity for the duration of the turn. Any unit already subject to Animosity becomes even more unruly. Amend the Animosity Table to 1-2: Squabble, 3-4: Plan’s a good ‘un, 5-6: We’ll show ’em!